Find Which Mattress is Right For You for Bad Back

Bad Back? Find Out Which Mattress is Right For You

It’s no fun when you have a bad back. It can stop you dead in your tracks and leave you wondering if you’re ever going to feel right again. Waking up creaky, unable to pick up your kids, or be active is no way to live your life, so what can you do? If it’s a serious pain (and relatively new) it’s important to go see your physician immediately, they can give you a complete picture of your overall back health and what lifestyle changes you can make for relief from back pain.

While exercise, core strength, and posture are all big factors in determining your spinal health, there is one area that you could be missing — your mattress. We sleep eight hours a day, and often our mattresses aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. It’s not all the mattresses fault, often times we put off buying a new one because, well, it slips our mind. 

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a little guide to figure out which mattress might be best for you.

What Size is Best for You?

Your bed is your sleep fortress, but that means that we need to know the area that mattress needs to cover for maximum effect. Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Do you like to stretch out when you sleep? How big is too big?

If you’re sleeping by yourself and have the space for it, our queen is a sleeper’s paradise. It has the standard size of a queen (60X80X7.5) but doesn’t sacrifice any support, as it uses three different types of memory foam to cradle you to sleep every single night.

If you’re sleeping with a partner, we recommend moving up to the king or California king, this will give you and your partner ample sleeping space to stretch and relax. 

Using a Base or Not?

One of the biggest questions we receive is, “Do we need a base for a Nectar mattress?” The short answer is no. Nectar is supportive and gentle enough to be used on its own — you could plop it directly on your floor and still have a good night’s sleep. That being said, there are some people who prefer a base, whether for the added comfort or elevation that a base provides. Our mattress fits all standard configurations, so you can use it with any existing base you may have — be it box spring, traditional frame, or divan.

That being said, we also make a foundation that is specifically designed to get the most out of your mattress. It’s made with naturally sourced solid pine and spruce and works with a simple click and lock frame so that anyone can easily put it together. Nights spent in pain and discomfort can be a thing of the past, thanks to our sturdy design and craftsmanship. Think of it as the jelly to our mattresses peanut butter. Sure, you can have one without the other, but they’re always best when paired together.

Get yourself a new mattress and sleep in peace. You deserve it, shop for a Nectar mattress today.