Back Pains Hurting Your Early Morning Routine

Back Pains Hurting Your Early Morning Routine? It Could be Your Mattress

There’s nothing worse than living with chronic pain. Whether it’s the sharp jabs of a lower back problem when you stretch in the morning, or the dull painful throbs of sitting too long while at work, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else when you’re dealing with that kind of pain. While you might think that it’s just one of the signs of getting older, there’s actually a surprising amount of control you have over this aspect of your health.

One of the biggest culprits of back pain could be an old mattress. You spend about a third of your life on a mattress, so it makes sense that this would be the first place to look if you’re experiencing back pain. While posture and overall health also impact your back hygiene, there’s nothing like getting a new mattress to help get you back on track to feeling like a kid again. We’ve come up with ways to tell if your mattress is too old to be good anymore, and what you can do to get your back feeling like someone half your age.

Waking Up to Pain is a Bad Sign

If you wake up in the morning to a stiff back, you may have a bad mattress. While some backs can stiffen up because of physical exertion or a chronic problem like a degenerative condition, quite often those back pains are caused by an older mattress. If you’re feeling pain when you wake up in the morning, but it goes away after a twenty to thirty minute stretch in the morning, it’s likely that you have a bad mattress.

The good news is that mattresses have come a long way in support technology. The Nectar mattress uses multiple types of memory foam to contour to your body, while providing superior support that won’t ever leave you hanging. While older spring mattress can lose their shape thanks to coils that lose their tension, a memory foam mattress could last for years. This is because memory foam doesn’t lose tension, it’s based on support. That, plus Nectar’s forever warranty means that should you ever decide that in the supremely unlikely event that it doesn’t live up to expectations, you can be sure that Nectar will have your back with a new mattress.

Waking Up in the Night is the Sign of a Bad Mattress

If you’re waking up at three AM while sinking into your mattress, it’s a safe bet that you need a new one. Often our bodies are extremely attuned to our sleep cycle, and if it’s waking you from yours, that means that your body is telling you something, namely, “Get a new mattress!” You may not even remember waking up in the middle of the night, but if you’re tired and groggy – even after a full night’s rest – then it could be because your mattress isn’t supporting you in the ways that it should.

So let’s make 2018 the year that we don’t settle for bad mattresses. A good mattress should be a like a good partner, supportive, gentle, but firm when you want it. If you’re not feeling supported by your mattress, it might be time to boot them to the curb. We’re willing to bet you’re going to like the way the change feels.


Disclosure: Nectar Sleep does not provide medical advice and are not medical professionals. Please consult with your physician if you are experiencing any pain or severe issues.

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