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Here’s Why Austin, TX is One of the Best Cities for Sleepers

We all like a good work and play balance where we live. Some of us live in rural areas, but more and more people are moving to cities in search of jobs, entertainment… and now sleep? Maybe not in general, but one urban center has ranked tops in sleep friendliness, and it resides in the lone star state.

How Austin Became a Sleep Haven

The study took many factors into consideration: sleep deprivation, obesity rates, unemployment, commute time, air quality, noise pollution, and construction. These all combined to give a holistic picture of good sleep in the city, and rendered them with a sleep number score that could be extrapolated out into a ranking. Austin faired so well because of its cleanliness, low commute times, and general levels of employment. Austin has faired well in the twenty-first century, boosting tech and marketing jobs — growing sectors in the job field.

Not only that, but Austin represents a healthy community that has embraced sleep as a way of life. Austin’s climate is fairly constant and pleasant, with temperatures that are often conducive to a good night’s sleep. That means that the residents spend less money on heat for their homes, and have a general well-being that, while not scientifically proven, is probably conducive to a better sleep situation.

Here’s what the study said, “While the state is slightly above average for obesity and the unemployment rate is about average, the city of Austin boasts a below average commute time, a designation as one of the Cleanest Cities in America, and one of the lowest sleep deprivation rates in the country.”

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to do in Austin, with an established music scene, and a burgeoning film culture there’s lots to occupy your time during your conscious hours. Those aren’t the only areas of entertainment though, other sleep-healthy hobbies like bike riding, yoga, and hiking are all very popular in the area. And yes, even though there is a slightly above average rate of obesity, Austin is actually trending downward in that area — getting healthier in the last ten years even more so than other Texas cities.

Other Interesting Finds for Sleep Cities, Good and Bad

Austin isn’t the only good place to sleep. The study rounds out the top five with a number of great sleep cities, both large and small. Colorado Springs Colorado, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Boise Idaho, Portland Oregon, and Lincoln Nebraska all scored very high using the same sliding scale. It’s notable though, because with the exception of Portland, Austin is the only large city center with an extremely high scoring. The lowest scorers were found in the south east (often hampered by large obesity numbers), and one surprising find: Detroit. Detroit was penalized for it’s massive construction projects, traffic, noise, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a place to start over while grabbing some good sleep, maybe your next trip should be to Texas — where snoozing is a lifestyle choice that everyone wants to make.


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