Top Athletes Know Sleep is a Performance Enhancer

Top Athletes Know Sleep is a Perfomance Enhancer

Posted By Erin on Jan 12, 2017

What do Lebron James, Lionel Messi, and Serena Williams all have in common? Well besides the fact that they probably don’t go to a mattresses store anymore (since Nectar has made it so easy to shop for them online), it’s that they get twelve hours of sleep a day! So what’s the deal with all of these athletes becoming addicted to their beds? Science has now shown a direct correlation between quality sleep (that means at least seven to nine hours on a GOOD mattress like Nectar) and athlete efficiency. Athletes who use sleep and naps are found to have much better results on the field. So what makes these athletes run faster and jump higher? Is the secret a great mattress? That’s certainly a big part of it. Let’s dive into what happens when you sleep and how it can help your training. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or pro athlete, everyone likes to have an edge. Here at Nectar, we are committed to providing it to you, and without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home to go to the mattresses store!

Relieving Jet Lag

The professional athlete travels a lot. That means days of their life every year are spent on airplanes. A recent study by The Journal for Sports Medicine showed that this can have hugely negative effects on an athlete’s performance in the short and long term. “Sleep disruption during and following long-haul air travel, together with exacerbated jet-lag symptoms may result in reduced player wellness. Consequently, player preparedness for subsequent training and competition may be impeded,” the report concluded. The good news? Much of this damage can be undone right away with quality time on a great foam mattress. And now there’s no need to stress about running to the mattresses store. Nectar mattresses utilize cutting edge memory foam technology to get you the best and fastest sleep so that you can minimize the effects of jet lag on your body.

Recovery Time in Bed

When an athlete performs at elite levels two things happen. First, oxygenation in the blood is depleted. Second small micro-tears appear in an athlete’s muscles. Sleep helps this in two ways. First, your body is able to reabsorb more oxygen into the blood. As your breath, it deepens your heart rate and slows as you reach a restful state. Second, the body produces tryptophan while you sleep. This is a hormone crucial in repairing muscle tears. Those two things combined have made sleep a powerful performance enhancer that all the latest athletes are using to improve their play. The best part? You can too, and at a fraction of the cost of what you’ll find inside a mattresses store. Nectar offers great prices for elite mattresses. Whether you’re training like Serena or just want to get some shots up in the backyard, make sure Nectar is part of your training routine. You’ll feel the difference.

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