April Showers Bring May Naps

We’re fully into spring and there’s a lot to love. The birds are back, flowers are blooming, and well, it’s probably raining where you are. That’s ok. Rain is a great thing, it brings back those flowers, it thaws the ground, and it leads to some quality nap time. There’s literally nothing better than listening to the gentle sound of the falling rain as you drift off for a nap. We’ve compiled a lot of sleep tips for your night time pleasure, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at the elusive daytime nap.  

So while you might not immediately think “sleep tips” and naps when you think afternoon showers, we’re pretty sure this list is going to change all that for you. Don’t go outside in the rain and get all soggy, instead stay in, read a book, pop a record on, and enjoy the afternoon piece of mind. As always, the best sleep tip is to keep chill and nap on. Here are our favorite ways to enjoy the rainy day.

Put on a Record and Chill

There are a couple reasons why snoozing to a  gently-playing record is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. First off, who doesn’t love to listen to the smokey sounds of a Miles Davis album or the ethereal melodies of Fleet Foxes as you drift off to sleep? Second (and this is the most important thing), most sleep experts agree that you should only nap for between 15 and 20 minutes at a time — longer than that could mess up your sleep cycle. Coincidentally, the side of a record happens to be about twenty minutes in length. That means you can put a side on, take a snooze, and wake up as it ends for a quick little mid-afternoon boost. For an extra sleep tip, try adding a dream journal to the mix. Many top CEOs find that they have better ideas after a quick nap!

Reading a Book and Naps are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Maybe the only thing better than napping on a rainy afternoon is reading on a rainy afternoon. Good thing that these two go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s actual real evidence behind this sleep tip: books are not backlit, unlike tablets and phones. Backlit devices typically project artificial blue light, which wreaks havoc on your sleep schedule (one reason why we recommend that you don’t look at them before bed either). Plus, a book is a great way to create some me time, turning off your phone and completely absorbing yourself in whatever universe you want to be in. If it turns out that this universe always starts with you lying on a Nectar mattress, then all the better.

Drink Some Coffee

It might sound counterintuitive, but hear us out on this one: coffee and naps are actually a crucial combination. A new trend called (appropriately), “the coffee nap” says that you should drink a cup of coffee and then take a fifteen minute nap. It usually takes about fifteen minutes for coffee to enter into your system, so that time spent napping is actually pre-caffeine induced sleep. Once you wake up, you’ll be given an added lift from the caffeine boost. This easy sleep tip is a great way to maximize your mattress time, keep your sleep schedule in order, AND enjoy a big time energy boost before the end of the work day.

If you’re looking for even more tips to help you sleep at night, Nectar has the hookup with this blog! And if these April showers have you fretting, don’t get upset! Grab a book, a coffee, a record, and curl up on your favorite mattress. That’s an iconic trio to pair with a Nectar mattress no matter no matter what the weather is doing outside. Just remember our sleep tip: Sun’s gone, nap’s on!

We get it, it’s gloomy outside and you’d rather be napping. So nap! Get a Nectar Mattress and receive $125 off instantly at purchase and we’ll even throw in two free pillows. 

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