How Do I Apply for a Financing Plan?

Everyone deserves a great bed — everyone. There’s nothing more restorative and rejuvenating than waking up from a deep sleep on a mattress that comforts and supports you. It feels like you’ve got a new lease on life. While Nectar mattresses are always super affordable (especially considering the high quality materials and construction), sometimes our best option is to choose a financing plan that works for us. We’d like to break that down for you here.

This is another in our series of blog posts that attempt to answer – in more detail – some of the more popular questions posed on the FAQ section of our website. As always, you can look for any questions you may have there, and if you still haven’t found the answer you’re looking for then please contact us through chat, email, or even social media. We’re proud to give you a transparent view of our process, because we are confident that we’re putting out the best product on the market. We look forward to hearing from you!

Quick and Easy Application — With No Credit Check Required

First, hop on over to our Nectar financing page, and fill out the initial application. It’s super easy, and doesn’t ask any overly invasive questions. We purposely have made the application process as low stress as possible so that you don’t have to hassle yourself and lose sleep over finding a new mattress. Just a few types and clicks and you’re on your way to an amazing bed that will change your sleep. You’ll get your mattress in 24 hours, and own it in six months. That’s the sort of life change that anyone can get behind!

No Hidden Fees

We were serious when we said we pride ourselves on our transparency, and that carries through to our financing plans. We’re committed to clear and upfront pricing that is affordable for everyone — no matter what your income level. There are no hidden fees in our lease to own program, and the installment plan means that you’ll be able to figure out the payment that is right for you. We know that when you feel the difference of a Nectar mattress, you’re going to be singing its praises, and we don’t want any red tape getting in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Safe and Secure — Your Protection is Our Number One Concern

The internet can be a scary place to navigate, especially when you’re entering financial information online. Know that we have taken steps using the top technology to ensure that your payment information is kept private, and most importantly safe. We designed our financing program with your protection in mind. We are doing everything in our power to make sure that this is a safe, stress-free, and stable environment — which is exactly what it feels like to sleep on a Nectar mattress. You’re in good hands.

Trusted Support

We don’t take for granted that you have a ton of options when it comes to buying a mattress. We want to work with you to alleviate any questions or concerns that may pop up during this process. Our friendly customer support team is there to answer any questions you might have, giving their expertise and care so that this can be a hassle-free experience for you and your loved ones. It’s time you had a mattress company that cared as much about your sleep as you do! Give Nectar a try and feel how a great night’s sleep is going to change your life.

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