What Actually Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

It’s obvious that not getting at least six hours of sleep can leave you feeling cranky and drained in the morning. (Actually sleep scientists recommend logging at least seven to nine hours in a comfortable bed — like say a Nectar mattress?) But what does this mean physiologically? What happens to the body when impaired of the functions it so desperately needs to repair and rebuild? The results may surprise you — you may need to lie down in a comfortable bed for this one.

As We Age

It used to previously be assumed that we needed less sleep as we got older. Remember you grandparent’s getting up at five AM? It turns out this assumption is false. A new study shows that the elderly need the same standard seven to nine hours, but that sleep may be harder to come by due to the way our brain chemistry changes as we age. This chemistry change may be a precursor to dementia, alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases, so it’s vitally important to keep an eye on your sleep health as you get older. It can also lead to respiratory diseases and other infections more easily fought off if the body has time to recharge. So take the old person you know and get them a comfortable bed from Nectar stat!

Working Overnight

Sometimes our jobs require us to keep odd sleep hours — I worked at a library overnights for over three years, but those hours can have a decimating effect on our overall health. Over fifteen million workers in the US work a-typical, night shift hours. This schedule can lead to a suppression of the diurnal hormonal cycle that is natural to the human body. A new study showed that when we suppress this cycle it can lead to a fatal conclusion. A swedish study showed that night shift workers had an almost two hundred and sixty percent higher fatality rate than their day shift counterparts. An additional US study showed a one-hundred-and-fifty-seven increase in mortality for older workers (ages 45-64) when working a nightshift. This was because the hormone melatonin, produced during sleep, is also a vital component of our immune system. This means that colds and flus lasted longer and were harder on the body for night shift employees.   While you can’t always control the shift you work, you can control your mattress, and what you need is a comfortable bed. We at Nectar pledge to provide that mattress to you so that you can sleep well. Nectar incorporates a fully quilted layer of our gel cooling memory foam to provide extra loft and comfort, with better breathability. Quilting is a super premium process most mattress companies avoid due to cost. We think the difference is night and day.Do it for your health!

Without sufficient sleep, your body is affected in more ways than one. It impacts the hormonal levels of your body. Your body becomes more prone to illnesses as your immune system takes a hit. The impact of sleeplessness takes a bigger toll on the body as we age. To know more about the negative effects of those sleepless nights, visit Nectarsleep.