8 Summer Hairstyling Tips To Make You Look Like You Have Bedhead

8 styling Tips for Chic Summer Bedhead Hair

By Ayren Jackson-Cannady

In our humble opinion, bedhead is the preferred hairstyle of any season, especially during summer when napping is a way of life. But even when you haven’t spent eight indulgent hours sleeping on a Nectar mattress, you can still achieve perfectly imperfect bedhead hair. Get the look with these styling tricks.

1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

What does pillowcase material have to do with bedhead, you wonder? Sleeping on satin allows the natural oils to stay in your hair and helps prevent knots, giving strands pretty separation and movement. Just finger-style in the morning, and go.

2. Work with dirty hair

No time to wash your hair? No sweat! Start by misting your hair with a water bottle to revive your natural texture. Dry your hair with a diffuser, while scrunching strands between your fingers. For a little more definition, use a curling wand on a few pieces around your face.

3. Rock a bun

Throw long hair into a messy high or low bun, strategically pulling out pieces of hair around your face for a lived-in look. When you undo the bun, you’ll have a new bedhead look for your night out.

Styling Tips For Chic Summer Bedhead Hair

4. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo does two remarkable things: One: It extends the length of time between washes. Two: It doubles as a texturizing spray for fullness in a flash.

5. Braid it up

After taking an evening shower, comb knots out of wet hair, and put it in two or more braids before you hit the sack. In the morning, your hair should be fully dry and have an easy, wavy texture when you unloosen the braids. If it’s not dry, run a straightener down each braid before loosening.

Styling Tips For Chic Summer Bedhead Hair

6. Try a paddle brush

Instead of using a round brush when you blow dry your hair, use a paddle brush instead. Without pulling your hair too tight, lightly run the brush from root to end as you dry for gorgeous texture.

7. Do the twist

For a throwback bedhead vibe, tease the roots of your hair with a fine tooth comb, and twirl small sections of hair together with twisting cream. It’s a tribute to beauty sleep and 90’s grunge.

8. Add sea salt

Finish off freshly-curled hair with the bedhead secret ingredient: Salt spray—a simple mix of water with a dash of sea salt. You’ll look like you just woke up from a nap on the beach, which should totally be on your summer bucket list.

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