7 Jobs That’ll Make You Want To Nap On A Nectar

Experts suggest getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. But what if your job really gets in the way? We’re talking about the first-responders and all-nighters who keep us safe and help society run smoothly. How can they operate when they’re feeling sleep-deprived (not to mention the rest of us)? One word: Napping. While it may not make up for getting too little or poor quality sleep, taking a nap can boost alertness and improve mood and performance, National Sleep Foundation reports.

We all know that work can be a grind, especially for those with the following seven jobs. We salute you, and we suggest taking a rest on the comfiest mattress on the market.

Reason 1

First responders

It’s not easy always being on call, running into danger, and having people’s lives in your hands. Your nights off may be few, but you can nap easier knowing that our mattress never takes a day off. It’s designed to support you around the clock.

security guard
Reason 2

Security guards

The folks guarding your local bank and airport perform quite the juggling act: Keeping it friendly with most folks, but being ready to defend against bad guys.

We know that balancing act all too well—with a mattress that’s firm enough to give you support, yet soft enough to let you sleep like a baby. Security guards, you’ve met your best napping match with a Nectar.

Reason 3

Truck drivers

It must take all the power-napping (and coffee) in the world to stay awake behind the wheel when you’re driving for hours. If you can fit a Nectar into the back of the truck, go for it—our mattress doesn’t have to be used with a platform or box spring.

Jobs That’ll Make You Want To Nap On A Nectar
Reason 4


Navigating the friendly skies takes extreme concentration, and it’s only fair that those in the driver’s seat nap on a mattress that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Best part: No fog, bird strikes, or rainy days.

Reason 5

News reporters

The 24-hour news cycle never sleeps—and the people bringing you the news probably don’t sleep that much either. So when reporters are done chasing down leads, they can nap with ease because sometimes the greatest stories are told in dreamland.

Jobs That’ll Make You Want To Nap On A Nectar
Jobs That’ll Make You Want To Nap On A Nectar
Reason 6

Construction workers

Wielding a jackhammer and hauling bricks on the daily must leave you feeling exhausted. Luckily, we make our mattress with memory foam that’s designed to give you maximum comfort—because we take as much pride in our construction work as you do. Let’s power nap together in solidarity.

Reason 7

Anyone in the mattress industry

Dedicating your career to helping people get the best sleep of their lives likely means your sleep ends up as a second thought. Ironic, right? It’s a sacrifice we’re more than happy to make. But to prove that we’d never give advice we wouldn’t take, we’re about to go down for a nap right now. Feel free to do the same.


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