BUSTLE Jul 11, 2018

11 Old-Fashioned Tricks For Falling Asleep That Actually Work

July 11, 2018

Did your grandparents turn on a fan to help you fall asleep when you were a kid? If so, there may have been something to it. “It turns out white noise is a lot like the best comfy mattress — when it’s doing its job, you barely recognize it is there,” Erin Berman, a sleep expert with Nectar Sleep tells Bustle. “White noise works on the principles of sound masking. Basically, our ears have developed through evolution as a sort of alarm system. When you hear something, good or bad, your senses prick up and you become more alert. When you sound mask with white noise, it blends all sounds in the background and foreground into one static thing. That means your brain relaxes and can more easily drift off into a sleeping state.”

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