7 Reasons You Should NEVER Keep Your Old Mattress When You Move

Your old mattress is nasty. Here's proof.

The idea of having a fresh start in a new house or apartment is one of the most exciting parts about your move. It’s a good time to take stock of your stuff and leave behind the things that no longer serve you—like your old mattress. It may be the most unwelcome visitor you don’t want to bring into your new home. Here’s why.

7. Mold

Get ready to squirm. “Research shows that beds have mold, fungi and bacteria, contaminants smaller than the diameter of your hair,” according to a report from CNN.com. It often develops as a result of your sweat, since mold grows in moist places and on porous materials, like a mattress.

Do you want to wake up itching and scratching, as if you slept in a swamp?

You don't have to be a germaphobe to want to ditch your cesspool of a mattress.

6. So much sweat

Think of all the nights you woke up drenched because you had spicy Thai takeout for dinner or forgot to turn the heat down. And remember when the air conditioning broke four summers ago? Your mattress was there for all of it, and the sweat hasn’t gone anywhere.

Would you want a piece of furniture that’s absorbed gallons of dead skin and sweat over the years?

5. Dust mite poop

You’re probably sleeping with hundreds of thousands of dust mites if you have a coil mattress. They live in the spaces between coils. Gross, but what’s more bothersome is their poop—it’s highly allergic. You might be better off with a memory foam mattress, which has a dense construction, making it harder for dust mites to thrive.

Would you pay to move a multigenerational graveyard of dead dust mites?


Poop emojis are cute. Sleeping on dust mite poop is nasty (and unhealthy).

4. Pet dander

You made a rule that you wouldn’t let Ruffles on the bed. But one look in those baby brown eyes, and he was snuggled up between you and your ex every night. His pet hair, saliva, and urine (yeah—we saw that) is all up in your mattress and not doing any favors for your allergies.

Do you want all the foreign bacteria on his fur crawling all over you?

3. Past relationships

You’ve moved on emotionally (and literally). Yet you’re holding onto a reminder of the time you spent with that person...in bed (of all places!). Why? Instead of bringing that sad relic into your new condo, start over with a Nectar, and make new memories.

Imagine binge watching Game of Thrones with the partner of your dreams (and your ex’s DNA).


One way to ruin a new relationship is to keep an old mattress.

2. Discomfort

Although it may feel like home, that sad, lumpy, excuse for a mattress belongs in an animal shelter--not your new home. Whether you’re a side stomach or back sleeper, proper support and alignment leads to better overall wellness. Use your relocation as an opportunity to start getting restorative sleep.

Imagine buying a house and voluntarily bringing along the one thing that makes your life miserable.

1. The old you

Any life coach would tell you that your environment is a major influencer on your goals. The more you can control your surroundings, the better off you’ll be. Maybe the old you felt stuck with bad habits. Moving gives you the opportunity to set yourself up for success in a fresh setting, starting with your bed.

Leave behind that massive collection of skin flakes and secreted oil vacationing on your face!

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