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Nectar vs Purple Mattress (2024)
Who will you jump into bed with?

Nectar is America's most awarded mattress, and we give you more for your money. More actual mattress (yes, it’s thicker than Purple). Many more nights to test it out. Plus, a warranty that lasts forever instead of only 10 years. There's no wrong side to this award-winning bed.

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Why have 5,500,000+ people picked Nectar?

Purple advertises heavily. But Nectar focuses on engineering a perfect night’s sleep.
Then passing savings on to you. So people recommend Nectar a LOT.

Purple Mattress
Price (Queen)
You save $340
Firmness (out of 10)6.56.5
WarrantyForever™10 Years
Trial365 nights100 nights
Free returns
Free Shipping
12” Nectar is Thicker 25% 25% Thicker
37,552 Reviews
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*Pricing as of 04/09/2024. See Terms.

*Mattress model used for comparison is the Purple Mattress. For full details please see Details Page.

Materials matter (and so does size)

Purple claims to be built for comfort, but their GelFlex Grid made of hyper-elastic polymer–aka rubber. Gel memory foam like you’ll find in Nectar is the gold standard for an amazingly comfortable sleep. Purple charges you almost double what Nectar does, but you get less. Their mattress is only a measly 9.25”, while Nectar checks in at 12” high.

Rectangle 1523
Rectangle 1523 1

Price Range (Queen)

$649Save $450

Firmness Options

Medium-Firm (6.5)
Medium-Firm (6.5)

Standout Features

  • Breathable cooling cover to wick heat
  • Adaptive memory foam for excellent pressure relief and contouring comfort
  • GelFlex Grid™ construction provides cushioning support and dissipates excess body heat

Sleep Trial

365-Night Trial
100-Night Trial


Forever Warranty™
10 Year Warranty


image 120
image 121

1. Breathable Cooling Cover

Our signature cover is designed with innovative cooling technology for a refreshing rest. It features heat-absorbent polyethylene fibers that help wick excess body heat away to promote cool sleep.

1. SoftFlex Cover

Their knit cover is designed to let you feel the response of the GelFlex Grid below.

2. Therapeutic Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Two inches of CertiPUR-US® Certified gel memory foam contours to your every curve. Plush gel memory foam offers pressure-relieving support and sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam.

2. Purple GelFlex Grid

Two inches of breathable GelFlex Grid (aka rubber) cradle pressure points like hips and shoulders while keeping the rest of your body fully aligned.

3. Dynamic Response Layer

Three inches of conventional CertiPUR-US® Certified foam provides support while allowing airflow, plus crucial rebound and bounce. This responsive layer helps minimize motion transfer and promotes better spinal alignment.

3 & 4. Comfort Foam Layers

A soft, cushioning layer and a firm, supportive layer create an ideal combination. Both foams are high in density.

4. ActiveSupport Stability Base Layer

Seven inches of conventional CertiPUR-US® Certified foam ensures structure, so the layers above it perform at their peak. This durable layer is the foundation for better sleep.

5. Lower Cover

It’s a polyester latex blend.

5. Shift-Resistant Lower Cover

The soft stitchbond polyester cover helps the inner core of your mattress stay in place, and prevents each of the layers from shifting on top of each other.

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The Problem With Purple

patient on nectar mattress

The Purple standard = a hospital bed

Purple’s signature GelFlex Grid has been used in critical care hospital beds for more than 20 years, but we've never thought of hospital beds as particularly comfortable or luxurious. Their bed feels super bouncy when you lay on it. That may be helpful for healing in the hospital, but you might end up being disturbed every time your partner rolls over when you’re home in bed.

nectar bed

Nobody else in the mattress industry uses a grid

If you’re considering Purple, you should know the GelFlex Grid is very polarizing. People either love it or hate it. Do you think sleeping on a bunch of jiggly squares sounds comfortable? We don’t. Some Purple buyers also complain that you can see the square pattern through the sheets. Why not just save yourself money and choose classic comfort from an award-winning and affordable Nectar?

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See What It’s Like to Sleep on Nectar and Purple

Nectar’s cooling cover, gel memory foam, and motion isolation is great for all sleepers.
Find your sleep style.

The Side Sleeper

Nectar’s top layer of therapeutic gel memory foam contours to your curves so you can sleep comfortably on your side.

side sleeper
purple Good

The Back Sleeper

Nectar’s gel memory foam gives you a cushioning sensation and cradles pressure points under your neck and shoulders.

back sleeper
purple Very Good

The Stomach Sleeper

Nectar’s medium firmness is perfect to support stomach sleepers. Casper may be too firm to be comfortable.

stomach sleeper
nectarVery Good
purple Fair

The Moving Sleeper

Nectar has great motion isolation for a more restful slumber, even if you tend to toss and turn.

moving sleeper

The Petite Sleeper

Even the smallest sleepers will feel cradled by our plush memory foam and supported by our transition layer.

petite sleeper
purple Very Good

The Heavyweight Sleeper

Nectar is built with an ActiveSupport base layer for a weight limit of 600 pounds.

heavyweight sleeper
nectarVery Good
purple Good

The Hot Sleeper

Our signature cooling cover wicks heat and dispels excess body heat for a refreshing rest.

hot sleeper
purple Very Good

The Cold Sleeper

The body-hugging feel of our gel memory foam provides a cozy sleep experience.

cold sleeper
purple Fair

The Sleeper With Back Pain

9 in 10 back pain sufferers said their Nectar mattress helped some or a lot.**

sleeper with back pain
purple Very Good

The Co-Sleeper

Thanks to Nectar’s three high-quality foam layers, it has minimal motion transfer so your partner or pet can sleep soundly.

sleeper with co sleepers
purple Fair
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Nectar vs Purple:

Nectar gives you more everything and charges you less. Fair fight? Frankly, no.

365 nights 100 nights
Forever Warranty™ 10 years
More awards
More comfort
More happy sleepers
37,552 Reviews
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*Pricing as of 04/09/2024. See Terms.

*Mattress model used for comparison is the Purple Mattress. For full details please see Details Page.