Get To Know The 5 Layers Behind
1,000,000+ Happy Sleepers

You’ll spend about a third of your life together, so get to know Nectar’s layers.

Group 10

Quilted Cooling Cover

The top layer is a quilted Cooling Action Cover that is heat wicking and provides a cool to the touch sensation. This will help COOL YOU DOWN if you are a warm sleeper.

Group 7

Nectar Smart Layer

The Gel infused memory foam will provide contouring support and help alleviate the pressure along your most troubled pressure points of your body. This helps in easing soreness. 

Group 6

Dynamic Support Layer

This is a transitional layer that will help you to move around or get in and out of the mattress. It provides support that helps take away the “sinking” feeling and help create a deeper sleep.

Group 8

Stay-Stable Base layer

This sturdy 7-inch layer of standard foam ensures the comfort and support layers above it perform at their best, giving you a stable, breathable foundation. This helps provide comfort and relieves pressure for the heavier parts of the body. 

Group 9

Shift-Resistant Lower Cover

No slip-and-slide here. Your mattress stays together, no matter how much you jump on it. It helps to leave your deep sleep unbothered by the movement of a significant other or fury friend.

happy sleepers say...

“Absolutely love it and am so happy I went with Nectar”

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18648 Reviews, 106 Q&As
Fantastic Mattress
We were in desperate need of a new mattress, and after a quick google search Nectar was the first one I came across. I looked at reviews, prices, options, etc. Then after seeing the 365 night trial + lifetime warranty we pulled the trigger. The mattress was easy enough to get in place and inflated somewhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours. First night was amazing. This is now night 2 as I write this, and I will say that I am 100% confident I will sleep amazing and wake up feeling great in the morning. Great mattress! Josh M.
I ordered a queen mattress with the Nectar frame & headboard
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about this bed. The mattress and pillows are so comfortable and the bed frame is easy to put together and looks amazing. I definitely recommend the Nectar bed and mattress. Lain S.
So Comfy!
I love my nectar mattress with the adjustable bed base. The bed base is AWESOME because I can raise the back portion so I can watch TV and lower it back down before I get to bed. It’s so comfy and I would totally recommend it to anyone. Angie D.
We received our Nectar mattress early August 2019. It is amazing!!! Prior to Nectar we had a memory foam topped mattress. I suffered from constant neck pain and my hips would ache at night, waking me multiple times, every night. I haven’t experienced any pain in months! I’m sleeping through the night! Great sleep and no pain has improved my entire life. Thank you Nectar! Andrea M.
Best sleep in a while!
Before the Nectar, I could not sleep without waking up and I would wake up without aches and pains. I’ve had the Nectar for a few months now and this is the best sleep I’ve gotten in years! Marie M.

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